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The Black Sabbath Cartoon – “Lost” Clip from 1974

Imagine Black Sabbath as stars of their own Saturday morning cartoon. One clip floating around You Tube purports to be just that. Set in 1974, the show would have aired during the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath era.

In the roughly three minute segment, Black Sabbath appear as animated caricatures of themselves. Bill Ward guzzles booze and talks incoherently. Ozzy is the ever-present clown, continually getting into hijinks, often without clothes. Tony and Geezer are depicted as stately rock stars that counteract the antics of their drug-addled singer and boozed up drummer.

Perhaps as a nod to seventies cartoon hero Scooby Doo, the Sabbath gang have their own wacky canine pal. Aptly named Doom Doom, it’s a fitting moniker for a pet belonging to the godfathers of doom.

Nostalgically minded You Tubers will have their seventies cartoon dreams crushed. The video is actually taken from a short-lived Comedy Central show that aired in 1991. Although TV Funhouse was cancelled after eight episodes, the show’s memory lives on through the Internet.

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