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Kryst the Conqueror – Post Misfits Christian Metal

After the demise of The Misfits, Glenn Danzig promptly formed Samhain. Jerry Only and Doyle seemingly disappeared from public view. What had become of the Caiafa brothers in the long gap between Misfits eras? They formed a Christian metal band!

Kryst the Conqueror, pronounced CHRIST the Conqueror, was not a band in the traditional sense. The group never performed live and did not have an “official” singer. They DID, however, write a series of songs that mixed positive Christian messages with fantasy-themed lyrics.

The Doyle Fan Club was formed in 1988 to promote the new group. Jerry Only, now calling himself “Mo the Great,” penned several newsletters over the course of two years. With the Misfits fan base at their disposal, Kryst the Conqueror had an instant audience.

Staying true to the punk DIY ethic, Kryst the Conqueror self-financed recording sessions. To adequately convey the fantasy lyrics, the band hired a legitimate singer. Enter Jeff Scott Soto of Yngwie Malmsteen fame.

Although the band recorded enough material for a full-length album, a 5 song EP titled Deliver Us From Evil was released. Soto was credited as “Kryst the Conquerer” and Jerry Only as “Mo the Great.” Doyle, along with “The Murp” on drums, rounded out the line-up. The EP even featured a guitar solo by Skid Row’s Dave “The Snake” Sabo.

The remaining Kryst the Conqueror songs would never receive an official release. Jerry Only and Doyle formed a new incarnation of The Misfits in 1995 and reunited with Glenn Danzig in 2016. Kryst the Conqueror remains a footnote in Misfits history that is readily available to any fiend with an internet connection.

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