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The Undead: Having an Undead Summer Review

It’s 2017 and The Undead are alive and well. Bobby Steele and company apparently had a blast during their summer tour. This October, the band released a new 7 inch titled Having an Undead Summer.

To create the cover for their latest outing, The Undead tapped Tim Jacobus of Goosebumps fame. The colorful sleeve depicts a fun-loving monster catching a wave on his surfboard.

I took advantage of the pre-order. For $7.50, I received free shipping, a pin, and an autographed copy of Having an Undead Summer pressed to orange vinyl.

The artwork is indicative of the music. The songs showcase a band having fun, yet still clinging to the horror punk aesthetic that is the core of The Undead.

The leadoff title track is old-school rock and roll. Bobby and Diana trade off lines during the verse as they celebrate life on the road. Bobby digs out a big guitar solo that matches the feel-good aesthetic of “Undead Summer.”

“Riding the Graves” embraces the surfing theme with an Undead twist. Diana takes the lead vocal to regale us of nocturnal exploits. After hitting the graveyard in search of the perfect tombstone, one can join the Undead as they “ride the graves” by moonlight. The continuing refrain of “the evening comes” is a treat for old school fans. It’s one of those moments when a band celebrates their past while distinctly moving forward.

“Hearse Song” opens Side 2. The Undead literally spent their summer driving from gig to gig in their own custom hearse. It’s precisely this autobiographical element that makes Having an Undead Summer so endearing.

“Oh Frankie!” features another lead vocal by Diana. Bobby had sung her praises in “Hearse Song” and Diana now returns the favor. It’s the perfect track to round out a feel-good EP.

Having an Undead Summer can be ordered online at While you’re there, check out the tour dates and join in The Undead fun!

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