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Don’t RUSH to Judgement: An Impassioned Defense of Caress of Steel

Rush fans are a funny bunch. Passionate and opinionated, they love to argue amongst themselves. From Zeppelin-esque beginnings, to prog-rock glory, to misadventures with keyboards, the band simply followed their musical instincts. While most fans embrace all eras, an emotional minority clings to specific periods that they hold near to their heart. For me, this narrow connection roughly translates to 70’s Rush. True, I love parts of Permanent Waves and freely admit that “YYZ” is an indisputable work of undying perfection. Yet, to me, Hemispheres was the last great Rush…

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Corrosion of Conformity IX Album Review

IX is the follow-up to Corrosion of Conformity’s 2012, self-titled album. Resisting calls by some fans to bring guitarist/vocalist, Pepper Keenan, back into the fold; the band chose to delay the inevitable and continue the momentum unleashed from playing as a three-piece. While IX lacks the intensity and rawness of Animosity, a conscious recreation of past glories was never the intention. By choosing to revive the trio format, the band clearly desired to capture the contemporary incarnation of a group known for continual reinvention. Change pushes musicians to approach their…

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