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In the past, this blog has written about punk bands covering pop hits. Many interpretations were ironic, but others were quite genuine. No matter the intent, these covers were always fun! There is another phenomenon lurking in the vast punk universe. Punk bands don’t ALWAYS look outside the genre for inspiration. It’s just as fulfilling to cover other punk bands. What follows are just a few examples of PUNKS COVERING PUNKS. CIRCLE JERKS – WASTED Keith Morris didn’t last very long in Black Flag. The tireless work ethic of…

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The year was 1985. Anthrax was in the midst of recording Spreading the Disease and Scott Ian sat bored in the studio. With guitar tracking complete, Ian began drawing cartoons. From these doodles, the world’s most wretched pile of hate-mongering filth was born. Dubbed Sargent D, this fascist villain began his ascent to world domination. A living skull in an army helmet, Sargent D puffed on a cigar as he spewed words of hatred. Phrases like, “I’m not prejudice, I hate everyone equally” and “Don’t smoke, I’ll rip your lungs…

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Lou Reed’s 1974 Australian Press Conference

By 1974, Lou Reed had firmly established himself as a solo artist. Sure, he had not disconnected completely from the past. The live record, Rock and Roll Animal, featured mostly Velvet Underground songs. Yet, the subsequent studio effort, Sally Can’t Dance, held the distinction of being the first Reed album not to feature a Velvet Underground track. The success of Transformer and brilliance of Berlin proved Reed could escape the shadow of his past. Still, wherever he traveled, his reputation preceded him. Lou Reed’s Australian press conference is nothing short of…

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Loser: Beck Interviewed by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore – MTV 120 Minutes – 1994

In 1994, Beck was thrust into the limelight on the strength of his first hit, “Loser.” The eye-catching video was tailor made for MTV and the network responded by keeping the song in heavy rotation. It was only natural to feature this visually minded musician on the alternative rock showcase, 120 Minutes. A two-hour block dedicated to the cooler side of rock and roll, the show was a perfect forum to introduce Beck to serious rock fans. Even better, Beck was to be interviewed by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.…

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