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Top 10 Thrash EPs

The EP was a popular format for thrash bands signed to cash strapped labels. Typically holding between three to five songs, bands filled these shorter records with a variety of material. Sometimes an EP unveiled new songs. Other times the format doubled as a live album. Cover songs were another popular option. Join us as we explore the glory days of the Thrash EP! SLAYER- HAUNTING THE CHAPEL Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, Haunting the Chapel was the perfect follow-up to Show No Mercy. “Chemical Warfare” and “Captor of…

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Ten Anthrax Cover Songs

Anthrax just can’t resist recording songs from their favorite artists. As anyone who has seen the band live can attest, a healthy dose of covers also find their way into the set. After all, many of their biggest hits were originally recorded by other acts. What follows are ten memorable examples of Anthrax interpreting classic songs! I’M EIGHTEEN The history of Anthrax cover songs had a contentious start. Fistful of Metal contains a version of the Alice Cooper anthem, “I’m Eighteen.” It also has the distinction of being the ONLY…

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