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Don’t Look Back: Bob Dylan vs. Donovan

D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary, Don’t Look Back, captures Bob Dylan during his 1965 tour of England. Bringing It All Back Home had peaked at number 1 in the UK. Teenage girls stalk his hotel, fans chase his limousine, and newspapers feed the frenzy with endless Bob Dylan articles. Pop singer Donovan was also enjoying a surge of popularity in 1965. Throughout the film, Dylan is preoccupied with the local press. Seemingly every time he opened the paper, Donovan’s name appeared. Our first hint of jealousy arrives early on. Dylan reads a…

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Meet Buffalo Springfield

1966 was an exciting year for rock music. New acts like Cream and The Mothers of Invention issued debut albums. The Beatles released Revolver while Bob Dylan unleashed the double-LP, Blonde on Blonde. Into this sea of creativity emerged an unknown band by the name of Buffalo Springfield. Exactly who was this new group that had taken over the airwaves with the hit song, “For What’s It’s Worth?” Curious record buyers needed only to peruse the rear sleeve. A short bio of each musician is printed beneath a group photo. Listeners…

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Walk on the Wild Side: An Introduction to Lou Reed

Exploring Lou Reed can be a daunting task. It’s a given to start with the Velvet Underground. If you haven’t internalized those albums, STOP reading and immerse yourself in the entire VU discography. Ponder the position of Lou Reed. Ask yourself, how does one follow such a flawless run of rock and roll brilliance? What follows is a simple introduction to Lou Reed’s solo material in ten songs. By no means exhaustive, this list offers a simplified introduction to a complex catalogue. BERLIN Lou Reed’s first solo album largely consisted…

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