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Trick or Treat: Heavy Metal Horror Movie (1986)

The eighties were the golden age of heavy metal and horror movies. Occasionally the two worlds collided. One such union is the 1986 film, Trick or Treat. Trick or Treat stars a metal fan named Eddie Weinbauer who goes by the nickname “Ragman.” As a freethinking outcast, Ragman endures constant torment at the hands of classmates. Heavy metal provides not only an escape from suburban hell, but instills hope in a post-high school existence. Eddie takes inspiration from rocker Sammi Curr. An alumnus of Eddie’s high school, Curr found fame…

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Metal and Punk Songs Based on Horror Movies

THE RAMONES – CHAIN SAW The Ramones released their debut album in 1976. Among songs of sniffing glue, male prostitution, and beating brats with baseball bats was a song inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. “”Chainsaw” opens with the sound of…well…a chainsaw! The line, “She’ll never get out of there,” recalls the futility of escaping from a cannibalistic house of horrors. The pervasive dark humor of The Ramones is on full display. Mispronouncing “massacre” to rhyme with “took my baby away from me,” keeps a disturbing song lighthearted and fun.…

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The Undead: Having an Undead Summer Review

It’s 2017 and The Undead are alive and well. Bobby Steele and company apparently had a blast during their summer tour. This October, the band released a new 7 inch titled Having an Undead Summer. To create the cover for their latest outing, The Undead tapped Tim Jacobus of Goosebumps fame. The colorful sleeve depicts a fun-loving monster catching a wave on his surfboard. I took advantage of the pre-order. For $7.50, I received free shipping, a pin, and an autographed copy of Having an Undead Summer pressed to orange…

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Slayer: The Seat Cushion Riot

Slayer shows are legendary for their brutality. A contemporary Slayer concert is a good time but things were different in the early days. Crowds were passionate to the point of being crazed. Sometimes this passion could get out of hand, leading to bodily harm and property damage. Word of Slayer riots first came to me in 1990. To promote the upcoming release of Seasons in the Abyss, Slayer booked a small club tour just before the album was released. Billed as “A Week in the Abyss,” the band previewed new…

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