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10 Creepiest Alice Cooper Songs

Alice Cooper has been creeping out audiences since the early seventies. With topics ranging from insanity to necrophilia, the following songs demonstrate why Alice Cooper is the undisputed king of shock rock. BLACK JU JU Love it to Death was a pivotal album for Alice Cooper. It was the first record released on Warner Brothers, but more importantly, it marked the start of an enduring collaboration with producer Bob Ezrin. The new relationship brought a tightened approach to songwriting. Although “I’m Eighteen” became a smash hit, a series of darker…

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Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention: The Freak Out Gatefold

The Mothers of Invention released the double LP, Freak Out in 1966. Frank Zappa and his band of misfits took full advantage of having four album sides at their disposal. A mix of psychedelic rock, doo-wop, kazoo solos, and avant-garde soundscapes, Freak Out is not an easy album to process. A carefully designed gatefold helps listeners grasp the eclectic debut. Extensive liner notes provide a mix of humor, social commentary and biography. As a package, Freak Out is a veritable crash-course in all things Zappa. Freak Out introduced the Mothers of Invention…

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