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Innovative musicians have long used animation to unite sight and sound. Imaginations run wild when unhindered by reality and anything is possible in a cartoon. From the sixties to the Internet age, the following videos are just a small sampling of what happens when animators interpret rock music. THE BEATLES – YELLOW SUBMARINE The union of animation and rock music dates back to 1968 with a film inspired by The Beatles. Yellow Submarine starred cartoon versions of the Fab Four along with a soundtrack of fan favorites. Yellow Submarine is set…

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The Black Sabbath Cartoon – “Lost” Clip from 1974

Imagine Black Sabbath as stars of their own Saturday morning cartoon. One clip floating around You Tube purports to be just that. Set in 1974, the show would have aired during the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath era. In the roughly three minute segment, Black Sabbath appear as animated caricatures of themselves. Bill Ward guzzles booze and talks incoherently. Ozzy is the ever-present clown, continually getting into hijinks, often without clothes. Tony and Geezer are depicted as stately rock stars that counteract the antics of their drug-addled singer and boozed up drummer.…

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Iron Maiden Concert Review – Philadelphia PA June 4th 2017 – The Book of Souls Tour

Philadelphia has waited 26 years for a proper Iron Maiden concert. Area appearances since No Prayer for the Dying have been relegated to a tacky outdoor amphitheater in nearby Camden, NJ. When it was announced that Maiden were bringing The Book of Souls tour to the indoor Wells Fargo Center, fans responded by selling out the venue. Sold out shows across the world are the norm for Iron Maiden. North American crowds haven’t faired so well…. especially in a fickle city like Philadelphia. Previous stops in amphitheater hell revealed large…

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Alice Cooper – From the Inside: Revisiting the Asylum

Alice Cooper soared to incredible heights in the seventies. As his solo career eclipsed the original Alice Cooper band, the shock rocker became a bona fide star. Alice appeared on talk shows, hung out with celebrities and even hosted The Muppet Show. Alice Cooper had transcended the role of rock star to infiltrate American popular culture. Behind the scenes Alice was unraveling. Nearly a decade of alcohol abuse had taken its toll. Rumored to drink a case per day, Alice coughed up blood each morning before cracking open his first…

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