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In the past, this blog has written about punk bands covering pop hits. Many interpretations were ironic, but others were quite genuine. No matter the intent, these covers were always fun! There is another phenomenon lurking in the vast punk universe. Punk bands don’t ALWAYS look outside the genre for inspiration. It’s just as fulfilling to cover other punk bands. What follows are just a few examples of PUNKS COVERING PUNKS. CIRCLE JERKS – WASTED Keith Morris didn’t last very long in Black Flag. The tireless work ethic of…

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The Mascots of Metal

When bands adopt an official mascot, the concept takes on a life of it’s own. The consistent presence of metal’s assorted creatures keeps the genre fun. The following list celebrates ten of the most beloved mascots in metal.   VIC RATTLEHEAD   Vic Rattlehead was the skeletal representative of Megadeth right from the start. Not only does Vic appear on the cover of Megadeth’s debut, but he was also immortalized with song. “Skull Beneath the Skin” recounts the creation of this metal icon. Prepare the patient’s scalp to peel away Metal…

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10 Punk Rock Cover Songs

Punk bands have a long tradition of transforming well-known songs into punk rock bliss. Covering a famous hit is the perfect way to pay homage to influence. It can also be an ironic embrace of an unlikely song. As the following list demonstrates, punk versions of classic hits are pure fun! THE RAMONES – LET’S DANCE Amid songs of sniffing glue and fear of basements, The Ramones self-titled debut includes a cover of the 1962 hit, “Let’s Dance.” Although lyrically out of place, the song is easily absorbed into the…

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HELLOWEEN – FUTURE WORLD Based on Judge Dredd, to me, this was just a badass pumpkin with a Mohawk strumming an electric guitar. After all, it’s HELLOWEEN. Of course there’s gonna be some chill pumpkin dude killing it on guitar. He’s kind of spacey and futuristic too. Well, that’s cause it’s the “Future World” single. The music is upbeat and happy. Seriously. It makes me want to dance a happy jig and hug people. OF COURSE the album cover is gonna have a lighthearted take on the band’s ongoing connection…

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Compiling a list of the greatest thrash albums is no easy task. With so many worthy contenders, it’s quite a challenge to narrow the options down to ten. After much contemplation, the task is complete. The following records represent the finest thrash metal has to offer. EXODUS – BONDED BY BLOOD The music of Exodus was groundbreaking. Their mission was simple. Play fast, heavy and embrace an inner love for pure metal. In the process, Exodus helped create a new genre. The excitement of these early years are forever immortalized…

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