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In the past, this blog has written about punk bands covering pop hits. Many interpretations were ironic, but others were quite genuine. No matter the intent, these covers were always fun! There is another phenomenon lurking in the vast punk universe. Punk bands don’t ALWAYS look outside the genre for inspiration. It’s just as fulfilling to cover other punk bands. What follows are just a few examples of PUNKS COVERING PUNKS. CIRCLE JERKS – WASTED Keith Morris didn’t last very long in Black Flag. The tireless work ethic of…

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10 Punk Rock Cover Songs

Punk bands have a long tradition of transforming well-known songs into punk rock bliss. Covering a famous hit is the perfect way to pay homage to influence. It can also be an ironic embrace of an unlikely song. As the following list demonstrates, punk versions of classic hits are pure fun! THE RAMONES – LET’S DANCE Amid songs of sniffing glue and fear of basements, The Ramones self-titled debut includes a cover of the 1962 hit, “Let’s Dance.” Although lyrically out of place, the song is easily absorbed into the…

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