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Kryst the Conqueror – Post Misfits Christian Metal

After the demise of The Misfits, Glenn Danzig promptly formed Samhain. Jerry Only and Doyle seemingly disappeared from public view. What had become of the Caiafa brothers in the long gap between Misfits eras? They formed a Christian metal band! Kryst the Conqueror, pronounced CHRIST the Conqueror, was not a band in the traditional sense. The group never performed live and did not have an “official” singer. They DID, however, write a series of songs that mixed positive Christian messages with fantasy-themed lyrics. The Doyle Fan Club was formed in…

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The Crimson Ghost or The Fiend Skull. Call him what you will, the fiendish ghoul has been the face of The Misfits for decades. With the “original” Misfits reunion looming, the time is right to revisit the legacy of this iconic mascot. The Crimson Ghost first found life in the 1940’s. Starring in a serialized film, the masked villain went to murderous lengths in his attempts to steal an invention dubbed Cyclotrode X. Capable of deflecting atomic rays, the machine would be invaluable in preventing an atomic attack during the…

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