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Anthrax: Satan’s Lounge Band

Anthrax seemed unstoppable in the late 80’s. State of Euphoria continued to build on momentum from previous records. MTV took a liking to the band, playing videos for “Anti-Social” and “Who Cares Wins.” The album climbed to #30 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold in 1988.

Anthrax also found themselves on high profile tours. They toured with Iron Maiden on the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tour before joining Ozzy Osbourne in support of No Rest for the Wicked. When they finally embarked on a headlining tour, MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball threw their full support behind the shows.

As Anthrax continued to play arenas and large theatres, they began to yearn for the intimacy of the old club days. To reconnect with their humble beginnings, the band booked shows at the legendary L’Amour in Brooklyn, New York!

The self-proclaimed “Rock Capital of Brooklyn,” L’Amour had been instrumental in bringing metal to the masses. The club had been a frequent host to Anthrax in the early days.

Anthrax was simply too big to play the storied venue. Any club gig had to be a secret show. Inspiration was taken from the rare track, “Bud E Luv Bomb and Satan’s Lounge Band.” Anthrax would appear as the little known band from the “I Am the Law” single!

Advertised as Satan’s Lounge Band, Anthrax returned to the L’Amour stage and played a full set complete with rarely performed classics. The madness was caught on film!

Satan’s Lounge Band was a special event not replicated for over a decade. In 2011, Satan’s Lounge Band reared its head again, this time as a warm-up for the “Big Four” concert at Yankee Stadium. Unlike 1989, it was hardly a “secret.” Tickets were linked to a promo code that could be accessed by pre-ordering Worship Music.

The days of secret shows seem to be a thing of the past. However, if you see a gig for Satan’s Lounge Band at your local club, buy tickets immediately!

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