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The Mascots of Metal

When bands adopt an official mascot, the concept takes on a life of it’s own. The consistent presence of metal’s assorted creatures keeps the genre fun. The following list celebrates ten of the most beloved mascots in metal.   VIC RATTLEHEAD   Vic Rattlehead was the skeletal representative of Megadeth right from the start. Not only does Vic appear on the cover of Megadeth’s debut, but he was also immortalized with song. “Skull Beneath the Skin” recounts the creation of this metal icon. Prepare the patient’s scalp to peel away Metal…

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Fifteen years have passed since Iron Maiden reunited with Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith. Brave New World, made it apparent that a new Iron Maiden had reared its head. Rambling lyrics and clean guitars were miles away from vintage Maiden. Tours promoting new albums focused almost exclusively on newer material. Many older fans felt abandoned but the strategy of divorcing past from present proved wise. Iron Maiden emerged a contemporary success rather than a nostalgia act. Secure in this triumph, the band finally seems comfortable embracing their history within the…

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